Part 2: Still learning…

30 Jan
  • Pick crazy paint colors. They’re just walls, and they’ll make you happy. This goes especially for those who live alone, because when else in your life can you have neon green “Envy’s Eyes” on one wall and “Magenta Jewel” on another? Never, unless you live alone for the rest of your life, because believe me, other people don’t let you paint their walls like that.
  • Be a big tipper. This includes food delivery people and taxi drivers, even when you don’t have a lot of money. It’ll come back to you.
  • Speaking of taxi drivers, show some respect. You’ll find most of them are highly educated and have to endure a lot of undeserved bullshit from passengers.
  • Call your mother if you’re lucky enough to have one. Why? Because you are lucky enough to have one.
  • What will you remember more, a night of wine and talking with friends, or getting a good night’s sleep? Wine and friends. You might feel like hell the next day, but that just means you had that much fun. Or made a fool of yourself. Or both.
  • You’ll almost always regret a drunk text to an ex. It’s the “almost” part that keeps us doing it though. Foiled again.

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